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Kristy Knox


Kristy Knox

Bachelor of Arts (DipEd)

Kristy Knox

"I looked at the Macquarie Bachelor of Arts and compared it with other universities and found it to be the best for what I wanted. It is a great choice as a grounding for other career options."

About the Bachelor of Arts

Turn your passion into a career by exploring your interests in-depth and honing your skills and knowledge through internships, practical applications and expert teaching.

There is no other degree at Macquarie University that offers the flexibility and the wide range of disciplines to study as the Bachelor of Arts. You can choose from over 50 disciplines including music, dance and creative arts, philosophy, English, anthropology, communication, and more.

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Why study at Faculty of Arts

Ranked among the top 100 Arts and Humanities programs in the world, the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie is a place for you to discover and tailor your studies to suit your interest and career goals.

Learn more about our flexible and interdisciplinary approach, renowned teachers, and facilities.