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Ektaal - Great India Project

‘Ektaal’ in Sanskrit means ‘one beat’ or ‘one rhythm’ and perfectly represents Macquarie’s focus on engaging with community and business in India and Australia as equal partners in a coordinated and harmonious fashion. The project underlines the importance of mutual understanding and respect for our different cultures and community. It will enhance attention on India across the curriculums and activities of different disciplines.

The project has a unique two-fold approach in the Australia-India relationship. First, it begins with a dialogue with Indian communities in Australia and is as much concerned with community outreach as with international strategy. Secondly, the entire model of `Ektaal’ is based on partnership and developing relationship with Indian institutions working on the basis of shared skills and interests.

Marking the start of a new partnership - Indian Consul General Amit Dasgupta presents 100 books to Executive Dean of Arts, John Simons for Macquarie University Library.
Marking the start of a new partnership - Indian Consul General Amit Dasgupta presents 100 books to Executive Dean of Arts, John Simons for Macquarie University Library.

Tagore Chair in Arts & Culture

Her Excellency Mrs Sujatha Singh, High Commissioner of India in Australia, has announced the support of the Indian Government for the establishment of a Tagore Chair in Indian Arts and Culture as a collaborative venture with Macquarie University.  The Indian Government has also gifted a bust of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore to the University to commemorate the poet’s 150th birth anniversary.

The India Research Centre

Launched in November 2011, the India Research Centre has been developed to showcase the exciting streams of research on India already taking place within the Faculty of Arts.   The Centre aims to engage broadly with the research community of South Asian scholars across Australia and act as a catalyst for the development of crucial international research links with India and scholars from around the world.  The Centre’s main objectives include cultural, political and social science research on India and the Indian immigrant diaspora; engagement and collaboration with Indian performing arts; and connecting with the diaspora on issues of community concern.

Scholarships for Indian Students

Macquarie University will be joining hands with the Confederation of Indian Industry's India@75 Mission, to focus on joint development and to invest in the educational and cross cultural development of Indian students along with Joint Industry Research.  Macquarie's scholarship support of Indian students now totals more than AUD$11 million.

Indian Voices – New Online Resource

The Australian History Museum at Macquarie has developed a new online resource - exploring the experiences of Indian students at university in Australia.  Visit Indian Voices.

Soft Power Advocacy and Research Centre

Macquarie University's Soft Power and Advocacy and Research Centre (SPARC) is the first dedicated research centre associated with soft power and public diplomacy in Australia.  As neighbouring countries, China and India's steady rise towards becoming leading world economic powers creates strategic opportunities and challenges for Australia. SPARC can play a significant role in actively advocating and nurturing spaces of soft power between our three countries. The Australia-India Institute has approved for funding a SPARC research project entitled 'The Soft Power Dimension to Australia's Engagement with Rising India'.


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