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Interactive Media Institute

The Interactive Media Institute (IMI) is an initiative spearheaded by the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies (MMCCS) at Macquarie University. Its goals are to keep academic research in touch with the emerging new technologies and techniques that surround these new media forms, and to marry that insight to inform production within the department. As a heavily practice-based department, MMCCS will benefit from new collaborations with technologists and experts in other fields who can contribute directly to the production of innovative works.

The vision of the IMI is to blur the line between technology and art in academia. This tendency has already emerged organically through the research of a number of faculty members who focus on digital, computerised and interactive media forms such as web technology, interactive digital music, animation and moving image and videogames. The aim of the IMI is to encourage growth in this area by providing opportunities for further collaboration across university departmental lines, across disciplines and with other research institutions and industry partners.

The IMI can be a central hub for these cross-disciplinary projects for existing faculty members, but must look to develop further. At the post-graduate level, we welcome expressions of interest for doctoral research projects in any area of interactive, digital or innovative media research or practice. At the undergraduate level, the IMI is working to establish and grow the programs in multimedia and web development within MMCCS as well as establishing a wholly new cross-departmental program in videogame design and development with Computer Science. Through these and future collaborations, the IMI will sustain the academic pursuit of media studies into the 21st century.


For further information please contact Andrew McKenna, Head of Partnerships and Development, Faculty of Arts -