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Societal Security

The Societal Security Initiative is a broad cross-disciplinary research engagement between Macquarie University and Australian and international industry and government.

The Societal Security Initiative brings together research expertise from across Macquarie University, as well as broader research networks and leading scholars and research centres worldwide.

Societal Security represents a bridge not only between the international and domestic aspects of national security and homeland security, but also encompasses these state centric notions of security within a broader understanding of individual, human, and global security.  Societal Security goes beyond the traditional notion of the defence of territory to consider the character and nature of the society being defended, and the critical functions of society which must be secured.

The Societal Security Initiative addresses critical current and emerging issues and research questions within the following broad areas:
•    IT & Cyber Security
•    Risk, Response & Resilience
•    Society, Culture & Values
•    Policing, Intelligence & Security
•    Global Policy & Governance

Societal Security offers many opportunities for academics and industry to work together to maximise the cost effectiveness of the research effort.  Macquarie University is engaging with industry and government in the development and selection of research proposals and projects. 


For further information please contact Andrew McKenna, Head of Partnerships and Development, Faculty of Arts -