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PACE Units

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What is a PACE Unit?

PACE units provide an academic framework through which students can engage with the community, learn through participation, develop their capabilities and build on the skills that employers value. By completing a PACE unit, students develop all these skills and capabilities, and also gain academic credit towards their degree.

All undergraduate students are currently required to undertake a People unit and a Planet unit. From now on, PACE units will progressively become an integral part of the Macquarie curriculum.

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PACE Activity

Each PACE unit consists of an experiential component in the form of a PACE activity within an academic framework. The academic framework of the unit helps students prepare for their activity. The activity helps students understand elements of professional and personal judgment and initiative, such as juggling competing priorities and recognising their own strengths and weaknesses.

A PACE activity is a practical learning experience that can take many forms depending on the unit and its learning outcomes, but may include:

  • internships
  • work-integrated learning
  • practicums
  • field trips with a partnership component
  • social research projects
  • community service and learning
  • community development

Students may complete their PACE activity individually or in groups, locally, regionally or internationally and the University can arrange for multi-disciplinary groups to work together where partners require a range of skills to complete a project.

Each PACE unit varies in its requirements, but all require an experiential component in the form of a PACE activity.

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FOAR300: Choose your own experience

Do you have a great idea for an activity that doesn't fit with a unit in your Program? Do you volunteer with a community or business?

You may be able to enrol in FOAR300 and have your activity recognised for academic credit.

For more details contact

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MAS350: Media internship

Media internship processes and instructions for students - download PDF (40Kb)


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