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PASS/PAL Timetable

PASS/PAL banner

The units listed in the timetable participate in the PASS/PAL program. Please go to iLearn for rooms and session times.

PASS/PAL Timetable

Download and print the the PASS/PAL Timetable 2015

LAW203Fri 9amW5A205
LAW203Wed 1pmE6A108
LAW214Tue 9amC5A229
LAW315Wed 1pmW6B222
LAW317Fri 2pmE7B146
AHIS100Mon 2pmE6A131
AHIS140Fri 11amX5B143
AHIS219Tue 11amW5C312
AHIS278Tue 2pmW6B207
AHIS278Wed 6pmW6A127
JPS102Thu 1pmW6B201
JPS202Thurs 1pmW5C334
PHL134Wed 11amW6A720
POL107Wed 1pmW5A202
PHIL137Tue 12pmW6A720