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Reasons to Attend PASS/PAL sessions

PASS/PAL banner
  • Academic Results - Research from the universities worldwide which use the PASS/PAL system, says that students who attend PASS/PAL regularly in a semester are more likely to receive a grade approximately 8 20 marks higher than students who do not attend PASS. (See PASS program results from the University of Wollongong)
  • Efficient use of time - Statistics indicate that the one hour spent in a PASS/PAL session is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours spent studying alone.
  • More effective study - Learning theory says that students who collaborate with their peers and take an active approach to their learning not only earn higher grades, but also have a stronger ground-up understanding of course material.
  • A better understanding of university and course expectations - You will learn from more experienced peers about university culture and what is expected in your chosen courses.
  • Communication, critical thinking and team work - Working in positive and productive teams enhances communication and critical thinking, and these attributes will carry over to all aspects of your university experience and into the workplace.
  • A safe and supportive place to learn - You can ask questions, discuss course content and receive feedback in a confidential and student-centred environment. Experienced student leaders share their problem-solving skills and give informal advice in sessions which are run by students, for students. (PASS/PAL provides the opportunity to ask the questions you really want to ask without feeling your academic credibility is being put on the line.)
  • Meet and work with students who are motivated to succeed - PASS/PAL is not compulsory, so the students who join are motivated, and dedicated to learning.
  • Improve learning techniques - The sessions provide the tools for effective learning tools which can be used in all aspects of your life.
  • Gain confidence - PASS/PAL sessions create confidence. You will be able to speak out in tutorials, and communicate confidently with your lecturers and tutors.
  • PASS/PAL is consistently reviewed for effectiveness - Peer Leaders are trained by the Faculty and PASS/PAL results are monitored. Students satisfaction is a principal aim of the program.
  • Success PASS/PAL students earn higher grades than non-PASS participants - Students at risk of failure are less likely to fail if they attend PASS. Students attending PASS are more likely to achieve Distinctions and High Distinctions than non-Pass students. These results are supported by world-wide research into the effectiveness of PASS.