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2013 Teaching Awards Winners

Congratulations to the following staff for their success in the 2013 Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards.

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Dr Nicole Anderson
Senior Lecturer, MMCCS Director of Learning & Teaching
"For empowering and inspiring students from across all Faculties to want to learn to 'critically think for themselves and with others' about real world dilemmas."

Dr Diane Hughes
Senior Lecturer in Vocal Studies (Department of Media, Music, Communications & Cultural Studies)
"For outstanding innovation in the design and implementation of contemporary curricula to facilitate student engagement and authentic learning."

Dr Jane Messer
Senior Lecturer in English (Department of English)
"For outstanding promotion of student engagement with graduate capabilities, by designing an innovative curriculum, and resources that enhance student engagement, resourcefulness and creativity."


Teaching Award for Programs that Enhance Learning

"The New Foundations of Law Program at the Macquarie Law School: Enhancing the First Year Experience to Promote Inclusion, Improve Retention and Achieve Learning Outcomes"

Mr George Tomossy
Senior Lecturer (Macquarie Law School)

Dr Carlos Bernal-Pulido
Senior Lecturer (Macquarie Law School)

Ms Zara Bending
Lecturer (Macquarie Law School)

Ms Catherine Greentree

Lecturer (Macquarie Law School)