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Dr Trudy Ambler

Associate Dean, Quality and Standards, Faculty of Arts
PhD Monash, Australia

Dr Trudy Ambler

Prior to her employment at Macquarie University Trudy worked extensively in the school sector in the United Kingdom (UK), Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia as a teacher, administrator and education advisor.

Trudy is currently Associate Dean (Quality and Standards) in the Faculty or Arts and throughout her career in education she has maintained an enduring interest in teacher learning. This interest first became apparent in 1992 when she was encouraged by her school Principal to enrol in a Master of Education. In that course her dissertation explored the way that informal conversations between teachers can contribute to their learning.

On completion of her Masters in 1995 she elected to travel overseas and worked with the International Education Agency (IEA) in PNG. Part of her work in this role was to mentor a group of PNG teachers who were enrolled with Queensland University of Technology as external students in a teaching degree. She enjoyed her role as mentor and found that she learnt a great deal.

Dr Trudy Ambler in Papua New Guinea

Dr Trudy Ambler in Papua New Guinea.

In 1998 when she finished working with the IEA she moved to Australia and after a few years working at a school in Melbourne she was encouraged to enrol in a PhD. Trudy's interest was again teacher learning but this time she wanted to focus on researching how teachers learn in their day-to-day work. She was fortunate to be sponsored by her school to study part-time for her PhD under the supervision of Professor Brenton Doecke at Monash University.

As an early career academic at Macquarie University, Trudy assumed a leadership role in an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) funded project called the Promoting Excellence Initiative (PEI). Through this initiative she was able to continue her work in teacher learning and investigated what prompted academics to innovate on their teaching and apply for a Teaching Award. This work then progressed into a research project focused on the role of mentoring for learning and teaching in higher education. From an international perspective Trudy was a member of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council project focused on an exploration of the social, communicative and interpersonal leadership required for enhancing peer review in higher education.

Dr Trudy Ambler in Papua New Guinea

Outdoor Learning Places Research: developing a sense of belonging

Some of Trudy's recent research projects have encompassed an exploration of how and what academics learn when they participate in mentoring as either a mentor or mentee; students' experiences and understandings of Academic Honesty; an action research project investigating teachers' experiences of social, communicative and interpersonal leadership in the context of peer review; a study of teachers' and students' experiences of electronic submission and assessment practices; an investigation into students' experiences of the contribution made to their learning by the outdoor campus environment; and an exploration of the educational pathways of students within the Sydney Indian community.

Recent Publications

McCormack, C., Ambler, T., Martin, B., Waite, K., & Wilson, A. (2016). Narrative-based evaluation demonstrates the value of a higher education professional learning network. Studies in Educational Evaluation, pp. 79-87. DOI information: 10.1016/j.stueduc.2016.07.003.

Harvey, M., Ambler, T., & Cahir, J. (2016). Spectrum Approach to Mentoring: an evidence-based approach to mentoring for academics working in higher education, Teacher Development, DOI: 10.1080/13664530.2016.1210537

Ambler, T, (2015). The day-to-day work of primary school teachers: a source of professional learning. Professional Development in Education, 1-14.

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Ambler,  T., Webb, R., Robertson, G., Hummell, E., and Bailey, S. (2013). Exploring  Students' Experiences of Learning in Outdoor Places on a University Campus. Higher  Education Research and Development Studies Association.

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Healey,  M., Irhammar, M., Kilfoil, W., Lyons, J & Ambler, T., (2013). The Place of  Peer Review in a holistic approach to the quality enhancement of learning and  teaching in Peer Review of Learning and Teaching An International  Perspective, Editors: Sachs, J & Parsell, M.

Ambler,  T. (2012). Autobiographical Vignettes: A medium for teachers' professional  learning through self-study and reflection. Teacher Development, 16  (2),181-197.

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Everett,  K., Ambler, T., Hummel, E., Collins, M., Davis, R., Humphries, N. and Franklin,  C. (2010). 'Daruganora: modelling practice for sustainable, collaborative,  research led learning and teaching relationships between Universities and  schools'. The Australasian Journal of University-Community Engagement and  Social Inclusion, 5(1) Autumn.

Everett,  K., Ambler, T., Hummel, E., Collins, M., Davis, R., Humphries, N. and Franklin,  C. (2010). 'Daruganora: modelling practice for sustainable, collaborative  research led learning and teaching relationships between schools and  universities' re-published in the September issue of GUNi (Global University  Network for Innovation set up by UNESCO and Technical University of Catalonia)  with permission of the original publishers.

Research Grants

(2016) Collaborative use of ePortfolios to embed a scaffolded approach to assessment across a postgraduate program

(2015) ePortfolios Pedagogy and Governance: Minimising risk ($22,370) Strategic Priority Grant

(2014)  An open online unit of study in Indigenous knowledges and culture($28,000), Teaching  Delivery Grant, Research Team: Dr Michelle Trudgett, Ms Corinne Grant, Dr Panos  Vlachopoulos and Dr Trudy Ambler.

(2012)  Cross-Faculty Development of the Cognitive Science Program ($50,000), Teaching  Delivery Grant, Research Team: Dr Micth Parsell and Dr Trudy Ambler.

(2012)  Innovations in Formative Feedback ($20,000), Innovation and Scholarship  Program, Research Team: Dr Mitch Parsell and Dr Trudy Ambler.

(2012)  Mentoring: Supporting learning for university academics ($20,000), New  Staff Grants, Research Team: Dr Trudy Ambler (CI), Dr Marina Harvey and Dr Jayde  Cahir.

(2011)  Co-CI, Macquarie University Emerging Technology Grant: Piloting Online  Submission and Online Assessment of Student Assignments with GradeMark  (Turnitin) ($10,000). Research Team: Dr Yvonne Breyer, Dr Trudy Ambler

(2011)  Co-CI, Macquarie University Teaching Delivery grant: Cross-Faculty Development  of Cognitive Science Program ($50,000). Research Team: Dr Mitch Parsell,  Dr Trudy Ambler.

(2011)  Outdoor Learning Places: Exploring Opportunities for Learning on the Macquarie  University Campus ($30,000). Research Team: Dr Trudy Ambler, Dr Greg  Robertson, MS Eloise Hummell, MS Rhian Webb, Mr Steve Bailey.

(2010)  Macquarie University early career researcher project team member on the  Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) funded research project:  Social, Communicative and Interpersonal Leadership in the Context of Peer  Review

(2010)  Co-CI, Macquarie University Priority projects grant: Improving the university  experience to attract and retain Indian students: Exploring the educational  pathways of professionals within the Sydney Indian community ($30,000). Research  Team: Dr Trudy Ambler, MS Tracy Sullivan, Mr Soni Sagar.

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