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Arts Museums and Art Gallery Among World's Best

Page last published: 16 May 2013

Australian History Museum, Museum of Ancient Culture and Macquarie University Art Gallery have been named among the world's top 30 and in the top 2 in Australia by Best Colleges Online.  

Judged on qualities such as architecture, depth of resources and collections, and activity as learning and teaching resource for the community, the editors reviewed hundreds of international galleries and museums.

Australian History Museum Australian History Museum has a vast collection numbering over 3,500 items reflecting Australia's history from pre-colonization to today. Besides offering educational programs for Macquarie students, they also offer programs for students at primary and secondary levels to help enhance their understanding and insights into Australia's rich history. Learn more

Ancient Cultures Museum Museum of Ancient Culture is an archaeological museum that showcases the every-day lives of the ancient world, including Ancient Egypt, Greek, Roman, Cyprus and Near East. Founded in 1974 as the Ancient History Teaching Collection, the museum houses over 7,000 artefacts. The museum is designed to support the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students at Macquarie. They also provide programs for primary and secondary schools in NSW and ACT. Learn more

Art GalleryMacquarie University Art Gallery presents a diverse range of exhibitions to stimulate and inspire ideas, views and opinions. The exhibition and associated education programs engages an interdisciplinary approach in order to communicate the intersections between art, science, history, philosophy, media and culture, to name a few.The changing exhibition program of about six shows per year aims to create a broader understanding of the arts and culture to the wider community whilst at the same time showcasing the research, education and entertainment value of each exhibition. Learn more.