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Bachelor of Laws changes for 2014

Page last published: 13 Jun 2013

In 2014, Macquarie Law School will be introducing a 4 year stand alone Bachelor of Laws degree. Students will still be able to complete the Bachelor of Laws combined with another undergraduate degree in 5 years. The new Bachelor of Laws will also allow students to focus on their legal studies, while still taking units from outside of the Law School in order to complete a major in one of the following areas:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Criminology
  • Environmental Law and Management
  • International Law and Global Governance
  • Media, Technology and the Law
  • Public Policy, Law and Governance
  • Social Justice

Alongside these majors, students can also select from a wide range of law electives where they will be challenged to tackle current 'real world' issues and will develop a more in-depth understanding of the law in its broader context.

Students will also complete a specially designed Participation and Community Engagement (PACE) unit, where they will have opportunity to interact with practitioners from top Australian law firms, community legal centres, government, NGOs and a range of industries.

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