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Law students to compete in international negotiating competition

Page last published: 26 Jun 2012

NIck and Reece in action as a negotiating teamMacquarie Law students Nicholas Ferrari and Reece Corbett-Wilkins will be heading to Ireland next month to compete in the International Negotiations Competition (INC).

The INC pits teams of two law students - each representing a client - against each other in a negotiation involving either an international transaction or the resolution of an international dispute.

Nick and Reece say the competition will be a great opportunity to develop their skills before entering the profession.  The dynamic duo will represent Australia on behalf of Macquarie University and will be testing their negotiating skills against teams from across the globe.

Nick and Reece qualified for the international rounds after winning the Australian national tournament at the Australian Law Students Association Conference last year.  But this is not the first time the team have competed on the world stage. In 2011, the pair placed second in the International Client Consultation Competition, being narrowly defeated by Jamaica.

The pair are fast gaining a track record as a successful negotiating team - Reece says the feedback from judges has been that it their tight teamwork that helps them to succeed over their opponents.

"We're in the unique and fortunate position where we have competed together before, so we almost able to read each others minds", Reece said.

"We find there are occasions where are finishing each others sentences.  We're like a married couple!" He joked.

Nick and Reece find that they also are each able to fill in the gaps in each others skillsets.

"Of the two, I tend to be the more forthright and investigative in the negotiations," Reece said, "whereas Nick is more placid and he's happy to jump in and contribute when he's had chance to sit back and gather all the information about the situation."

Nick and Reece would like to thank all of those who have helped them reach this point, especially the Macquarie University Law School, Arts Faculty and Chancellery and McCabe Terrill Lawyers

The final rounds of the competition will be held 3-7 July 2012 at Queen's University in Belfast.
Macquarie wishes Reece and Nick the best of luck!