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Macquarie Law School offers new postgraduate degree

Page last published: 06 Nov 2013

Macquarie Law School is now offering Juris Doctor, a 3-year dedicated postgraduate program designed to prepare students for a range of legal professions in Australia and overseas.

Continuing the School's tradition of providing interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of law, the Juris Doctor program will develop students' understanding of the Australian legal system, including corporate and commercial law, environmental law, perspectives on international law, and social justice.

Interdisciplinary approach to law

Overview of Juris Doctor

Ms Shayne Davenport, Program Director of Juris Doctor, presents an overview of the new Juris Doctor program at the Macquarie Law School Postgraduate Evening 2013.

Macquarie Law School has a different approach to teaching law, according to Juris Doctor Program Director Shayne Davenport.

"We see ourselves as different, not only in what we teach but how we teach as well. We are an interdisciplinary law school. We don't just look at the law from inside the law itself. We look at the law from many different aspects."

Students of Juris Doctor will explore the law, discover its origins, assess its effectiveness and consider the need for reform.

Real-world experience is incorporated into the learning as part of this degree through placements with community legal centres or joint research projects with the Law Reform Commission.

Flexible study options

Students have the option to study Juris Doctor either full time or part time, on-campus or by distance. Macquarie Law School offers the only distance education option in New South Wales.

Davenport says, "Macquarie Law School has expertise in teaching law by distance education. We've had distance education courses going for many years and this is one of the strengths of Macquarie Law School. We truly understand the needs and pressures of distance students."

Substantial content will be available online and will be complemented by weekly face-to-face seminars of intensive on-campus sessions. There is also the opportunity to accelerate the rate of completion of this degree through summer session offerings.


Student Experience: Joanne Gream

"Macquarie is definitely the most student-focused university I have ever been in. The staff are helpful and have a wealth of knowledge that they are able to bring to the classroom from both real life experiences and research activities."

The Juris Doctor is accredited with professional bodies regulating the admission of law graduates to legal practice and provides appropriate qualification for admission to practice as a lawyer in NSW*.

Graduates of Juris Doctor can pursue careers as either barristers or solicitors. However, a broad range of rewarding careers are open to Macquarie Law School graduates.

Employment can be found in a wide variety of organisations, including community legal centres, diplomatic service, financial institutions, multinationals, NGO advocacy bodies and public service.

Joanne Gream, a student of Macquarie Law School's Graduate Bachelor of Laws program (replaced by Juris Doctor in 2014), believes that starting a law degree opened many doors for her.

She shares, "I originally started with the intent of furthering my career within the commercial field, not realising that I could change careers into the law arena. I have recently been accepted for an intern role in an in-house legal team in an international company, which will continue until I complete my degree. Hopefully at the end of the degree I will have good marks and some great practical experience that will enable me to obtain a graduate role."

*All Australian graduates are required to complete a period of practical legal training before being admitted as barristers or solicitors.

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