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Master Class in Public Diplomacy

Page last published: 17 Sep 2012

The Hon John HowardFormer Prime Minister The Hon. John Howard addressed a group of students at Macquarie University's Soft Power Advocacy Research Centre's (SPARC) inaugural Master Class in Public Diplomacy Lecture.

This lecture explored the role of Government, organisations and media in public diplomacy and gave students from the Public Diplomacy and International Public Relations unit insight into soft power and public diplomacy at the highest levels.

Howard delivered the first in a series of lectures that will draw on the knowledge and experience of SPARC's distinguished honorary professors as part of its aim to advance and enrich the study and practice of soft power at the University.

In his address, Howard spoke about his experiences as Prime Minister of Australia and examined the power of diplomacy and its role in international relations.

Macquarie University's Soft Power and Advocacy Research Centre (SPARC) is the first dedicated research centre associated with soft power and public diplomacy in Australia.  SPARC has the potential to be a focal point and significant source of leadership for research and initiatives that support this area of emerging global significance and importance.

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