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Tim Higgins: From Macquarie to 2SER

Page last published: 05 Aug 2013

Tim showing his love for 2SER and its diverse range of music (Photo courtesy of 2SER and Tim Higgins).

Macquarie media graduate Tim Higgins, 2SER's new breakfast show presenter, shares his Macquarie experience

In his late teens, Tim Higgins was told that he has a "voice" for radio. A few years later, Tim has proven that not only does he have a radio-material voice but he also has the perfect set of skills to become 2SER's first ever fulltime paid presenter and the host of its new breakfast show.

Tim's role as presenter/producer means that he is also responsible for running the behind-the-scenes part of show.

"My day involves getting out of bed at an extremely early hour, attempting to wake myself with coffee and checking the day's news to make sure that we are on top of what is going on in the world. Before I know it, I'm sitting in a radio studio, and the three hours that I'm on it always seems to race by. After the show, my mind goes straight to planning the following day's show! It's bit of a never-ending cycle really."

The radio production cycle is not new to Tim though. The 2SER studio at Macquarie University had been Tim's home since he started his degree in Media and when he later on hosted weekly programs and The Band Next Door show. He went on from 2SER to work at the ABC as a radio producer, starting out at 702 Local Radio, and moving on to be part of one of Australia's leading morning show, RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly.

The Macquarie advantage

Tim believes that his Macquarie education prepared him for his career in radio.

"Macquarie University's involvement at 2SER was a huge advantage. Being able to walk out of a radio class and straight into a fully operating radio station was absolutely incredible experience. Also, Macquarie's internship subject provided me with the resources needed to get an internship at the ABC, which eventually led to my first paid radio work."

"Macquarie's flexible study programs allowed me to explore a variety of areas (everything from German to Video Game Studies), and find out which I was keen to pursue. One moment that I always remember is my first live broadcast as part of one of the radio units at Macquarie. It was horrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I clearly enjoyed it enough to want to make it my career," explained Tim.

Tim's tips for Media students

He says that the three most important lessons he learned from Macquarie University are to:

  • Work hard. Even if don't think you are the best at something, the most important thing is to give it 100%.
  • Be willing to learn. It may seem stupid, but be keen to learn. Don't look at learning as a burden, rather as an opportunity to progress as a person.
  • Do what makes you happy. Find what you enjoy, and don't be scared to change things up to achieve that.

Tim also recommends for students to try something new and get lots of experience.

"Macquarie has so many different courses and subjects for you to try so don't be afraid to enrol in something new. You might just find that you are passionate about something that you never knew about."

Tim adds, "Make sure you combine your university degree with some other form of real world experience. For example, if you want to work in radio, use the skills you learn from Macquarie's radio courses to contribute to a community station like 2SER. It will accelerate your learning and get you better prepared to get the job that you want."

2SER Breakfast with Tim Higgins

Armed with his passion and honed by his experiences, Tim landed his dream job and got a promising career ahead of him. He is very proud that his breakfast show has progressed a lot since it started in June and is very excited about what he has in store for the listeners. Featuring a perfect blend of news, Sydney culture, music, and laughs, 2SER Breakfast with Tim Higgins is becoming a morning staple.

Tim says, "We joke that we serve up the best breakfast in Sydney, but in terms of radio, I really believe that we are offering up a breakfast program like no one else!"

UPDATE: In 2014, Tim left the 2Ser Breakfast show to "move onto another challenge and have a sleep in!".

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