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Media, creative arts and communication

Macquarie's media, creative arts and communication degrees will prepare you for the changing media landscape. Our degrees are constantly evolving to incorporate new and emerging media practices, ensuring our students develop the skills sought by employers.

Postgraduate courses in media, creative arts and communication

  • Master of Children's Literature

    Macquarie is a world leader in the field of children's literature and our innovative postgraduate program considers children's books and films from the perspective of literary and cultural theory, as well as their social and historical contexts.
  • Master of Creative Media

    This degree will prepare you for a career in a rapidly-changing media environment by teaching you digital production, distribution and audience engagement strategies.
  • Master of Creative Writing

    Gain opportunities to apply your skills in professional context through projects, and to value-add to your writing with a suite of editing and publishing units.
  • Master of Future Journalism

    This program offers aspiring and experienced journalists the opportunity to develop expertise in the skills required to succeed in a converged, digital environment.



Ms Anneke Blom
Master of Children's Literature

"The support and flexibility that the degree and the teaching staff afforded was fantastic...I could work simultaneously while studying...and that really helped me later on when I was looking for employment."

Mr Ernie Kim
Master of International Communication

"What I learned during my postgraduate degree was the ability to think critically and also to think outside the box… Doing an Arts degree at Macquarie gave me the ability to do something unique for my company which is storytelling."