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Law and criminology

As a pioneer of interdisciplinary law study in Australia, Macquarie prepares you to look beyond law as a set of rules and procedures. You will be challenged to think around problems and provide more innovative solutions – skills highly valued by employers. With the option to combine your law degree with other areas of study, you can open the way to a variety of careers including legal practice, private industry, government, education and community services.

Our criminology study options will give you the tools and knowledge you need for a career in the ever-changing policing, intelligence and security sector. Our Bachelor of Security Studies and Criminology major are taught by senior academics and leading industry professionals, allowing you to build professional contacts with experts both in Australia and internationally.

Undergraduate courses in Law and Criminology

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  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology

    This major combines knowledge from criminology, policing, sociology, law and social policy to give you access to knowledge and information about contemporary criminological theory.
  • Bachelor of Security Studies

    This degree presents a contemporary approach to security studies, encompassing risk management strategies, emergency response, national resilience, law enforcement and the use of military force.

Security and intelligence

Macquarie's Department of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT) offers rigorous academic programs based on current research, theory and practice. We combine theory with policy and practice to give you the tools for a career in policing, intelligence and security.

Criminology at Macquarie

"Criminology at Macquarie is exceptional in a couple of different ways. One of the really exciting things about our criminology program is it's really student-focused. Students have a lot of latitude to tailor their program to become exactly the kind of criminologist they want to be."

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Macquarie Law School

Macquarie Law School delivers a high-quality educational experience that provides graduates opportunities to excel as ethical, proactive and innovative professionals.

Macquarie graduates understand how the Australian legal system works in a globalised world. You learn about social, political, historical, cultural and economic factors that have influenced the law's development, and how the law is likely to change in the future.

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Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie

"When you're learning about law, you need to learn about it in the context of a whole lot of different subjects. When you're studying here at Macquarie we place a lot of emphasis on learning law in context." -Dr Natalie Klein, Dean of Macquarie Law School