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Society, history and languages

Let your studies take you into a world beyond academia.

We're the only university in Australia to offer a full study of Egyptology, and our professionally accredited Bachelor of Planning is the Sydney region's first such degree with a strong social and environmental focus. We also offer the widest range of European languages in New South Wales, along with comprehensive Asian language options.

So, see the bigger picture with our world-class courses in politics, history, cultural studies, philosophy, sociology, geography, planning, English, international studies, anthropology, Indigenous studies, or languages.

Undergraduate courses in society, history and languages

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  • Bachelor of Ancient History

    This degree incorporates Egyptology, ancient Near Eastern, and early Christian and Jewish studies, as well as Graeco-Roman world. It also includes unique opportunities to study artefacts and undertake field experience on campus and at overseas archaeological sites.
  • Bachelor of Archaeology

    This multidisciplinary degree crosses the traditional arts/science divide by integrating core archaeology and ancient history units with a broad selection of science units, offered through a number of majors/minors including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Earth Science, Geophysics and Spatial Information Science.
  • Bachelor of Global Business

    The Bachelor of Global Business combines a commercial understanding of global business, a major in an Asian or European language and an internship in an international company, either in Australia or overseas.
  • Bachelor of Hellenic Studies

    This degree offers a unique combination of modern and ancient languages with Ancient History and contemporary Greek culture.
  • Bachelor of Planning

    The Bachelor of Planning looks at the importance of environmental management, development, infrastructure and services in creating the spaces in which we live.
  • Bachelor of Social Science

    Gain insights into the science of people, places and social problems and develop skills in social research and applied social science.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Science

    Combine your interest in science with the creative and communications skills of arts. This double degree allows you to design your own program, with over seventy major topics to focus your studies.

Meet our experts

Professor Naguib Kanawati

Professor Naguib Kanawati talks about the study of Ancient History at Macquarie

"History is not facts, it's an attempt to reach the truth…and that's what we are trying to do at Macquarie."

Associate Professor Greg Downey

Associate Professor Greg Downey gives a preview of what students learn from Anthropology

“Studying human evolution is about asking the fundamental question: What is it like to be human?”

Course videos

Bachelor of Archaeology

Break old ground and gain new insights into the past through the study of ancient artefacts with the Bachelor of Archaeology at Macquarie University.

Politics and International Relations

Gain a deeper understanding of how the world and its countries work, and develop skills that will prepare you for many high profile and interesting careers.

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